it’s hip to be square >>> the voluminous blowout


As I mentioned in my post about sleek blowouts, the difference between a sleek and voluminous blowout is just a switch of the brush!

I start off with the same prep as the sleek blowout > Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt <

Then I use a SQUARE barreled brush to dry my hair. The BioIonic Blue Wave Brushes may be shaped a little untraditionally but they absolutely cut down on my dry time! The square shape of the brush allows me to get more grip on my hair and the shape is rounded just enough so that my hair still gets that nice bounce to it (I use the x-large size). This particular brush is nice and light which helps prevent my wrist and arms from getting sore halfway through the process.

I also use a good blowdryer, which I think makes a million percent difference in not only the dry time, but the condition of your hair. This is the one I am currently using and I love >>> The BaByliss Pro Portofino 

To find where you can purchase this brush at a salon or store, check the salon/store finder on the BioIonic website >> Amazon also may have some good deals << I swear I can find anything and everything on there!


One Thought on “it’s hip to be square >>> the voluminous blowout

  1. Karen T on October 23, 2013 at 5:29 pm said:

    Them brows! I’ll have to check out using a square brush…never even knew they existed.

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